National Electronic Labour Exchange

National Electronic Labour Exchange

What is NELEX?

  • National Electronic Labour Exchange (NELEX) project is an innovative platform which is designed to evolve a database of employable Labour in the Country so as to facilitate the job exchange functions of the Ministry.
  • On NELEX website, you can get the right type of candidate. Our database comprises of employed and unemployed persons that are active searching for work.

  • Employers and Licenced Private Employment Agencies are allowed to mine through the abundant human capital resources available to arrive at the best mix of jobseekers to fill that job vacancy.

  • NELEX create a competitive environment for effective job recruitment in the country and facilitate economic plans of the Federal Government by providing real time information on employment rates.

  • NELEX provides reliable database of employable labour, give tools for international labour migration exercise,

  • NELEX provides platform for the Ministry of Labour and Productivity to update job seekers on job creation activities and areas of opportunities in business,

  • NELEX provides advice on skill demand thereby creating a link between employer needs and skills supply, give employers both local and foreign an access point to the available labour in the country. NELEX was built on the idea that an employer does not need to spend hours trying to voice out their recruitment needs.

For more information about NELEX, visit the nearest Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment International Labour Migration Desk (ILMD) job centre in your state or send an email to