Houston, TX USA
Job Title
Robotics Engineer
• Maintain and troubleshoot electrical and mechanical systems to Amazon Robotic System.
• Install, maintain and troubleshoot control components, photo eyes, proximity sensors, servo drives and encoders.
• Completing preventative maintenance routines, documentation and procedures.
• Perform battery changes and preventive maintenance on batteries.
• Perform e-mail communication and date entry for database.
• Enter downtime data in daily log, complete PM sheets.
• Tracking and storing the department inventory, including spare parts.

Transmission Company of Nigeria

Abuja, Nigeria
Job Title
Electrical Controls Engineer (NYSC)
• Work safely and ensure appropriate safe guards are in place to mitigate hazards and prevent incidents.
• Taking hourly readings of the primary transformer (132KV), secondary transformer (33KV), frequency (50Hz), oil tank, and battery.
• Fully responsible for monitoring and operating the grid.
• Making sure all the components of the L132/33KV substation are working properly.
• Engage appropriate support to ensure compliance with relevant health, safety and environmental regulations and quality standards.
• Able to work irregular hours or be on-call occasionally to support project implementation to deal with faults which occur at the plant operations.